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Murbs – metropolitan studies and forms of urbanisation research group focus on topics specifically related to metropolitan and urban space issues, including their morphologies, genesis and transformation processes, urban planning and spatial design.

The team brings together professors and researchers with previous experience in these fields, especially in terms of Lisbon’s Metropolitan Area (AML) and comparative studies with the extensive urbanization of several cities. The group format allows the continuity of its members’ research activities and promotes the development of new contributions to these areas of knowledge, by taking advantage of the complementarities of their backgrounds.

The research has also allowed to develop a network with a wide spectrum of debate. This includes different approaches, from fieldwork to design workshops, publications and development of bonds with several teams in different universities, in partnerships with municipal and central government authorities, as well as in the scope of Thematic Groups and Teams within AESOP and ISOCARP. Besides the dissemination and debate of research findings, in publications, participation and organisation of international seminars and workshops, Murbs multidisciplinary activities are an opportunity to constitute ground-breaking knowledge by contextualizing a reality only sparsely grasped as a wider phenomenon.